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Shipping Info

You love us enough to buy our toys? The least we can do is ship them to you.


All orders ship via the United States Postal Service because we love this country and so should you.

Shipping Charges

We calculate shipping a little differently than most sites; a flat fee with an off-set weight addition algorithm.  If you're not an quantum space doctor, let us break it down: there's a flat fee that gets adjusted depending on how heavy or light your final package will be. It's actually not that fancy but ultimately makes for cheaper shipping.

Who can Order?

Every human being on planet Earth can order BUT we're only able to ship within the US. Sorry, Croatia.

Shipping Times

They vary depending on where you live, relative to California. In general, your order could take 1 to 7 business days to get to you. If it's one day? Tell your friends how great we are! If it's 7 days or MORE? Call us right away... we'll make it right.