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Heave Hose


Heave Hose


Heave Hose

from 13.25

The Heave Hose has a 12” rope which makes it easy to throw!  It floats in water and is comes in a variety of different sizes.

  • Puppy (9.5 in), Medium (11 in), Large (13 in) and Big Mouth (15 in)
  • Floats in Water
  • Strong, Durable and Safe
  • Variety of Different Colors
  • Machine Wash
  • Professional Grade Fire Hose Material
  • Made in the USA

All Katie's Bumpers are intended as interactive play toys not chew toys.  Best if used outdoors or on washable surfaces.

  • HH1 , HH2 , HH3 , HH4
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